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Deliver the most precisely crafted prescription possible 04 May 2015

Our ORION Freeform technology uses state-of-the-art lens processing equipment and ORION’s advanced digital lens designs to deliver the most precisely crafted prescription possible. Customised ORION lenses are created to address your patients’ specific visual requirements, within 1/100 of a diopter, resulting in easy adaptation and high patient satisfaction. Improve margins and patient satisfaction with ORION … more

Flexon – Bend The Rules 04 May 2015

Flexon frames are lighter, stronger and more comfortable than any of its competitors. The original memory metal brand, is a special titanium composite that unlike other metals allows it to remember and return to its original shape when bent. The unique technical features provide superior quality and a remarkably durable frame that fit the demanding needs … more

Social Media just got a whole lot easier with Eyewear Trends 04 May 2015

Looking for social media content but don’t have to the time to stay up to speed with all the latest trends in fashion and celebrity eyewear? Well Eyewear Trends has you covered. We follow all the latest trends in the eyewear fashion industry and keep you up to date on brands, designers and manufactures from … more