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VSP Vision Care provides a connection for independent optometrists to health fund members by offering a preferred provider network for health fund referrals. The network currently has agreements with Medibank, HBF, Teachers Health Fund/UniHealth, and Defence Health Fund, representing over 5 million Australians. Known as VSP Vision Care, it is the largest network of independent optical providers in Australia, and brings a unique offering to health fund members. VSP Vision Care prides itself on providing quality clinical eyecare, personalised relationships, and great value near where you live and work.

Medibank, with 3.8 million members, signed the deal with US-based VSP (Vision Service Plan) to include a network of independent optometric practices in their preferred provider network starting in 2013. Medibank’s new Members’ Choice optical network includes 3 preferred providers, down from 5, who can access higher rebates for their members. Laz Cotsios, Group Executive – Medibank Private Health Insurance, said the intention was to provide access to a broader cross section of optical outlets, through expanding the Medibank network for members. “Our consumer research shows that a large portion of our members want to go to an independent optometrist for their eye care treatment. This new agreement means they will have access to a network that is up to 30 per cent larger,” he said.

HBF, the largest health fund in WA, joined the network in January 2014. HBF represents over 900,000 members who predominately live in WA.

In February 2014, Teachers Health Fund come on board who are a restricted health fund representing teachers and university professors across Australia. They currently have 115,000 members.

The partnership with Defence Health Fund began on 1st April 2014. Defence Health Fund, who are a restricted health fund, covers 250,000 members who are connected to the Australian defence force.

VSP operates in Australia and New Zealand through General Optical (GenOp), who operate a fully integrated supply chain, offering private practice optometry lower-cost quality products and the operational efficiency benefits of the larger chains.

Peter Lewis, CEO of GenOp in Sydney said, “By working together with health funds, we are committed to supporting independent optometry and providing Australia with the best possible optical care. The creation of VSP Vision Care will message quality care through trusted providers people know, professional relationships, and emphasize clinical excellence, value, and access.”

In the United States, VSP has a 55-year track record of supporting private practice optometry and providing the best-in-class eye health services to more than 58 million Americans.

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